1) I ...the door yesterday. a) opened b) open c) openned 2) She ...her eyes and fell aspeep. a) close b) closes c) closed 3) We...computer games two days ago. a) played b) pleid c) playd 4) He...for a test last Saturday.  a) studyd b) studyed c) studied 5) Alice and Tina ...dinner last weekend.  a) cookked b) cooked c) cookd 6) Susan ....her favourite film two days ago. a) watched b) watcht c) watchd 7) Sarah and Jack ...a mountain last year.  a) climbbed b) climbd c) climbed 8) We...or grandma last summer. a) visited b) visitd c) visit 9) I didn't ...the piano yesterday. a) played b) play c) plays 10) She didn't ...to music yesterday. a) listen b) listens c) listened




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