Where ____ you live? How old ____ you? Roberto is Italian. He’s ____ Italy. ____ you help me, please? I leave for work ____ quarter past eight This letter is for Tom. Give it to ____ She often ____ fish because it’s good for her. She ____ a letter at the moment. Yesterday we ____ to the cinema and saw a great film. ____you help me with my project, please? “What ____ for a living?” “She’s a teacher.” George ____ to work hard but he does now. When she ____ back, she’ll call you. There must be ____ milk in the fridge. Andrew has been painting ____ 2003 How ____ honey do you need? He swims ____a fish. I’d rather go out for dinner tonight than ____ dinner at home. Let’s go shopping, ____ ? Mary works ____ a nurse at Pillby Hospital. Her hair is not ____Catherine’s. You ____ me!

English Level Test A1-A2


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