If you’re ____ to add a little entertainment to your shopping experience, pop into Marrakesh market in Morocco. This market - one of the largest in North Africa - is ____ for fine carpets, spices and leather goods. Looking ____ more? Walk to the adjacent Jemaa el-Fnaa square and prepare for an ____ show: snake charmers, henna hand painters and buskers will greet you there, and ____ you’re willing to pay a little extra you can even have your photo ____ with a monkey (or three). How cool is ____ With so ____ to see and do, this market is always full of eager shoppers, so watch your step! Speeding motorbikes and local traffic can scare away timid travellers. Chandni Chowk, Asia’s largest wholesale market, offers everything ____ saris to silverware. And when you grow tired ____ shopping there, you can marvel at the many surrounding temples, mosques and monuments. What sets Chandni Chowk apart is just ____ diverse the market is: branching off in every direction are specialized sub-markets selling every imaginable good. Check out the Chhatta Chowk Bazaar, ____ you can find a wide range of ____ goods, such as art, jewelry and antiques. If gadgets are more your thing, be ____ to visit Bhagirath Palace Electrical Goods, one of the largest electronics markets in the world. Dating ____ 130 years, Queen Victoria Market is a great spot for food and fashion. If you’re after retail therapy or a place to people-watch, this is the place to ____. It's perfect if you want to have an evening ____, too! There are food stalls selling foods like Italian sausages and Tasmanian seafood, but ____on sale is other stuff, from art and clothing, to leather goods and auto accessories, and the items come at ____ prices; ____ of all, you can say you’re shopping green: the market had over 1,300 solar panels installed in 2003, making it one of the largest solar installations in the southern hemisphere.

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