1) Which country is this? a) The USA b) Ireland c) The United Kingdom 2) Which parts does it have? a) Canada, New Zealand, Australia b) Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales c) England, Australia, Canada, Wales 3) Which is the capital? a) New York b) Prague c) London 4) Who is it? a) Queen Elisabeth II b) Queen Mary c) My grandmother d) Queen Victoria 5) What is it? a) My house b) Buckingham Palace c) New York d) The White House 6) Which is the largest English speaking country? a) Canada b) The USA c) The UK d) Australia 7) What is the national flower of Wales? a) the shamrock b) the daffodil c) the red rose d) the thistle 8) How many sons does Prince Charles have? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 9) Which is the national bird of the USA? a) the lark b) the swallow c) the bald eagle d) the stork  10) Who is the patron saint of Ireland? a) St John b) St George c) St Andrew d) St Patrick 11) How many people speak English as their mother tongue? a) 3.8 billion b) 830 million c) 380 million d) 83 million 12) Complete the sentence: "There are more ...... than people in New Zealand" a) cows b) kiwis c) sheep d) sharks 13) Who was the first president of the USA? a) George Washington b) Joe Biden c) Abraham Lincoln d) Donald Trump 14) Which king of England had six wives? a) William IV b) Henry VIII c) George VI d) Edward I 15) Which part of the UK has a dragon on their flag? a) Scotland b) Wales c) Northern Ireland d) England 16) How is the anthem of the UK called? a) The Star-Spangled Banner b) God Save the Queen  c) Amhrán na bhFiann 17) Which animal is the symbol of Scotland ? a) the eagle b) the dolphin c) the unicorn d) the seal 18) Where is Uluru ? a) in South Africa b) in Australia c) in Ireland d) in New Zealand 19) What is celebrated on the 5th of November in Great Britain ? a) Halloween b) the Queen's birthday c) Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) d) my birthday 20) Where can you visit Niagara Falls ? a) in Canada b) in the UK c) in the USA d) in Australia

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