1) I wish I ... play the piano. a) would b) could c) had 2) I wish they ... keep the noise down next door. a) would b) could c) will 3) I wish I ... that yesterday. a) couldn’t say b) didn’t say c) hadn’t said 4) I wish I ... at home. a) could b) were c) would 5) If only I ... the time to go next week. a) have b) will have c) had 6) She wishes she ... come last Friday. a) had b) would c) could 7) If only he ... it yesterday. a) hadn’t forgotten b) didn’t forgot c) didn’t forget 8) I wish I ..., but I am so busy that I don't have the time. a) help b) could help c) had helped 9) I wish it ... end soon. a) will  b) had c) would 10) He likes to swim. He wishes he ... near the sea. a) lives b) lived c) had lived 11) It's cold today. If only it ... warmer. a) has been b) were c) had been 12) I wish I ... the answer, but I don't. a) know b) knew c) had known

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - 5 - 'I wish' vs. 'If only'




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