1) Your friend says, "My mother is ill." What can you say now? a) Is he very ill? b) I'm happy for you. c) That's nice. d) I'm sorry. 2) The teacher wants silence. What can she say to the children? a) Don't stop! b) Wake up! c) Be quiet! d) Don't talk fast! 3) A man asks Jennifer Hobson, "What's your surname?" What does she answer? a) Jennifer b) Jenny c) Hobson d) Jennifer Hobson 4) A woman says "Passengers for Dublin, please go to platform 4" a) at an airport b) in a railway station c) in a hotel d) at a hospital 5) You are at the bus stop with Ryan. The bus is late. Suddenly, Ryan sees it and says, "Ah, here...!" a) it is b) you are c) comes d) it goes 6) A woman says, "it is quiet, safe, very comfortable, and I love the colour." What is she talking about? a) her new computer b) her new bed c) her new car d) her new dress 7) This is from Tamford Secondary School's website. It's about... a) how to pick strawberries b) a holiday job c) a weekend in the country d) a summer holiday by the sea 8) Tom helps on the farm because... a) he loves strawberries b) he doesn't like hard work c) it's fun and he can make some money d) his aunt and uncle don't pay him 9) Students who work on the farm in the summer... a) never stop work at 3pm b) can work six hours a day c) must be under 14 d) don't work on Sundays 10) If you work a whole day on the farm, ... a) they pay you for six hour' work b) Tom's aunt and uncle give you lunch c) you can have lunch in a café d) you can't start before 9am 11) ... Spanish, doesn't he? a) Does he read b) Your father doesn't understand c) Jack speaks d) Your family is 12) ... there... on the menu in the cafeteria today? a) Are...some curry b) Have...got steak c) Is ... any chicken d) what is...eat 13) I don't understand all the controls on this machine. For example, the blue button. What...? a) does it make? b) is it for? c) does happen? d) can I do it? 14) Sarah usually... at 8 o'clock. a) is getting up b) has got dinner c) has breakfast d) having a cup of tea 15) Find the word that is not associated with music. a) drum b) keyboard c) hill d) single 16) Which pair words doesn't sound the same? a) for/four b) there/their c) cold/called d) meet/meat 17) It's in south-west England and it's very old. What is it? a) Stonehenge b) Cambridge University c) Loch Ness d) Dover castle





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