1) There --- ten people at the party. a) is b) are 2) --- there 10 students in the classroom? a) is b) Are 3) --- there a man in your house? a) Is b) Are 4) There --- any milk at home. a) isn't b) aren't 5) There --- any books in my room. a) isn't b) aren't 6) There --- a small window in the bathroom. a) is b) are 7) There --- two good films on TV tonight. a) is b) are 8) --- there a table in the kitchen? a) Is b) Are 9) There --- your friends in the photo. a) isn't b) aren't 10) --- there apples in the box? a) Is b) Are 11) There --- an orange on the table. a) isn't b) aren't 12) There --- a bird in my room. a) is b) are




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