1) _________ tonight? a) Are you coming b) Do you come 2) _________ rice every day? a) Is he eating b) Does he eat 3) _________ at the moment. a) I am working b) Do you work 4) _________ to London often? a) Is he coming b) Does he come 5) _________ tennis now. a) He is playing b) He plays 6) _________ to the cinema later? a) Do you come b) Are you coming 7) _________ to the party tomorrow. a) They aren't coming b) They don't come 8) _________ golf now. a) He doesn't play b) He isn't playing 9) _________ tennis this Sunday? a) Are you playing b) Do you play 10) _________ to a restaurant every Saturday. a) They're going b) They go 11) _________ to the cinema very often. a) She doesn't go b) She isn't going 12) _________ late. a) You are usually arriving b) You usually arrive 13) _________ dinner at home. a) He normally eats b) He is normally eating 14) _________ every night? a) Are you studying b) Do you study 15) _________ late usually? a) Do they work b) Are they working 16) _________ later. a) You don't go out b) You aren't going out 17) _________ tonight. a) I'm not working b) I don't work 18) _________ at the moment? a) Does she work b) Is she working 19) _________ coffee very often. a) I don't drink b) I'm not drinking 20) _________ now. a) Julie doesn't sleep b) Julie is sleeping 21) _________ chocolate. a) You don't like b) You aren't liking 22) _________ at the moment. a) She doesn't study b) She isn't studying 23) _________ to the cinema. a) We often go b) We are often going 24) _________ his homework. a) He isn't usually doing b) He doesn't usually do 25) _________ rice every day. a) They don't eat b) They aren't eating 26) _________ every night. a) We aren't studying b) We don't study 27) _________ spicy food? a) Do you like b) Are you liking 28) _________ to Scotland often? a) Is she going b) Does she go 29) _________ now? a) Is he eating b) Does he eat 30) _________ to the cinema this weekend. a) We go b) We are going 31) _________ now. a) They are studying b) They study 32) _________ the kitchen every day. a) I'm cleaning b) I clean 33) _________ every Sunday. a) She works b) She's working 34) _________ now. a) We don't sleep b) We aren't sleeping 35) _________ to the park very often. a) He doesn't go b) He isn't going 36) _________ a lot here. a) It's raining b) It rains 37) _________ on holiday tomorrow. a) I’m going b) I go 38) How long _________ in London? a) does she stay b) is she staying 39) _________ at night. a) I often read b) I'm often reading 40) _________ much wine. a) We aren't drinking b) We don’t drink 41) _________ in the garden. a) Julie likes reading b) Julie is liking reading 42) What _________ for dinner tonight? a) do we have b) are we having 43) _________ two daughters. a) She has b) She's having 44) _________ in Spain for two weeks this summer. a) I stay b) I'm staying 45) _________ for dinner. a) He often comes over b) He's often coming 46) _________ at nine every day. a) The class is beginning b) The class begins 47) What _________ at the moment? a) are you eating b) do you eat 48) What _________ tomorrow? a) does Susie do b) is Susie doing 49) _________ on Sundays. a) I don't work b) I'm not working 50) _________ now, she's watching TV. a) She doesn't study b) She isn’t studying 51) How often _________ to restaurants? a) do you go b) are you going 52) _________ on holiday this summer. a) I don't go b) I'm not going 53) I'm sorry, _________ . a) I don't understand b) I'm not understanding 54) _________ as a waitress for a month. a) She works b) She is working 55) _________ a salsa dancing class every Tuesday. a) She takes b) She's taking 56) _________ here in winter. a) It's being cold b) It's cold 57) Take your umbrella, _________ . a) it's raining b) it rains 58) _________ delicious. a) This cake is tasting b) This cake tastes 59) _________ Jack. a) The bag belongs to b) The bag is belonging 60) When _________ tonight? a) do you arrive b) are you arriving




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