This must be Tom’s house. - I can see his car in the garage., Where are all the cookies? - Elle and Teddy might have eaten them., Where did the Greens go on holiday? - They may have flown to Italy., She's not here yet. - She might be still at work., The police shot a man in the bank. - He must have been a robber., Who broke the glass yesterday? - Fred may have dropped it., He's not answering. - He could be in class., I think Mary drove to work today. - She can’t have. She doesn’t have a licence., I saw my friend run quickly to work. - He might have been late., We regret to inform you  - that some services may be delayed due to the bad weather., It can't be far now. - We've been driving for hours., You can’t have seen Brenda. - She hasn’t come back from her holiday yet.,

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 13 - Practice 1


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