1) They must --- near here because they always walk to school. a) live b) have lived 2) It --- be easy for her, looking after three kids on her own. a) can't b) can 3) The house isn't hard to find. It's the red one at the end. You can’t --- it! a) miss b) have missed 4) I’m not sure where Ted is. He could --- early. a) leave b) have left 5) That can’t --- the vegetarian option. It's got chicken in it. a) be b) have been 6) We’d better hurry - the hotel might --- our room away by now. a) have given b) gave 7) Have you got your passport? I'm not sure if you'll need it but they --- ask you for ID. a) must b) might 8) Who left their laptop on my desk? It --- be Claire's – she has a day off today. a) might b) can 9) Samira has flu. We don't know yet but she may --- to take the whole week off. a) need b) have needed 10) The fridge is full! Someone must --- the shopping.  a) do b) have done 11) Your watch says a different time from mine. One of them must --- wrong. a) be b) have been 12) She can’t --- the computer. It’s still not working properly. a) fix b) have fixed

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 13 - Practice 1


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