1) plosive bilabial a) p,b,m b) f,v c) k,g,ŋ 2) dental fricatives a) s,z b) θ,ð c) l 3) palatal approzimant a) h b) j c) f,v 4) glottal fricative a) h b) ? c) R 5) Apical is... a) made with blade b) made with the tip of the tongue 6) velarizition is a) the tension of the root of the tounge with the main sound b) softening connected with the touch of the palate 7) what is the correct transcription for allophones? a) [...] b) /.../ 8) Assimilation is a) the adaptation to different adjacent sounds(CC,VV) b) the result of adaptation of one sound to another(CV,VC) 9) What distinguish DARK sound from LIGHT sound? a) the raising the front of the toung b) the raising the back of the tounge c) an unclear sound d) the lips are rounded




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