1) He --- and that’s why he’s out of breath. a) runs b) is running c) has run d) has been running 2) They --- to their new flat this weekend. a) move b) are moving c) has moved d) has been moving 3) He --- the train to work every day. a) takes b) is taking c) has taken d) has been taking 4) I --- my hair. a) just wash b) is just washing c) have just washed d) has just been washing 5) The film --- at 8:30. a) starts b) is starting c) has started d) has been starting 6) We --- in Madrid this week. a) stay b) are staying c) has stayed d) has been staying 7) Dickens --- Brownie and --- the race. a) overtakes / wins b) is overtaking / is winning c) has overtaken / has won d) has been overtaking / has been winning 8) Be quiet, please. I --- to the news now. a) listen b) am listening c) have listened d) have been listening 9) My parents --- near Chennai. a) live b) are living c) has lived d) has been living 10) They --- to France three times. a) are b) are being c) have been d) has been going 11) Sam --- on the phone for 15 minutes. a) talks b) is talking c) have talked d) has been talking 12) You --- me.  a) constantly interrupt b) are constantly interrupting c) have constantly interrupted d) have constantly been interrupting

New Horizons - B2 - Grammar - Lesson 15 - Practice 1




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