8. Once upon a time lived a monster, 4. The monster loved mushrooms very much, 17. One day he saw a beautiful mushroom, 2. The mushroom grew in the lake, 9. A big shark swam in the lake, 12. A monster thought how to take a mushroom, 16. A frog jumped on the leaves to the mushroom, 1. A monster wanted to jump like a frog, 13. A monster pushed a tree log, 18. A monster wanted to walk on the log, 15. A stick hit a monster, 6. A monster wanted to over jump the lake, 10. The stick was broken when the monster jumped the lake, 3. A monster fell in the lake, 14. A shark was a bat, 5. A bat flew out, 11. It was not so deep in the lake, 7. The monster took the mushroom from the lake,

Mushroom monster / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNnBBeuaYt8




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