1) The children were playing ---. a) happy b) happily 2) It was a very --- day. a) warm b) warmly 3) He is in a very --- mood today. a) bad b) badly 4) Jon speaks English ---. a) fluent b) fluently 5) Make sure you carry the eggs ---. a) careful b) carefully 6) Mr Jones shouted --- at his students. a) angry b) angrily 7) You’ll love Thelma’s food. She’s a very --- cook. a) good b) well 8) The spaghetti you made yesterday tasted really ---. a) good b) well 9) I asked the man --- to turn down the volume. a) polite b) politely 10) The party was very ---. a) successful b) successfully

New Horizons - B1 - Vocabulary - Lesson 16 - Practice 1


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