1) Why was Emily angry? (break/mobile - argue/partner) 2) Why did Mark feel sick? (eat/chocolates/all day - hurt/hand) 3) Why was Patsy frightened? (watch/horror films/all night - see/big spider) 4) Why was Ralph confused? (get lost - try/win/game/hours) 5) Why was Mina tired? (work/hard/all day - write/5 reports) 6) Why was the cat happy? (eat/delicious food - play/all evening) 7) Why was Peter sad? (break up/partner - watch/dramas/all afternoon) 8) Why was Herman excited? (win/a lot of money - plan/holiday/a week) 9) Why was George hungry? (be/diet - eat/small portions) 10) Why did Ann had a hangover? (drink/all night - drink/10 glasses/wine)




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