1) 1.The first man_________(walk) on the moon a) in the 1960s. b) in the 1950s. c) in the 1970s. 2) The Berlin Wall______________(come down) a) in 1988. b) in 1998. c) in 1989. 3) Columbus ____________(discover) America a) over 600 years ago. b) over 500 years ago. c) in the fourteenth century. 4) American Independence Day ____________(be) a) in 1789. b) in 1776. c) in 1815. 5) The first Football World Cup ____________(take) place a) in the 1920s. b) in the 1930s. c) in the 1940s. 6) The Titanic____________(sink) a) in the twentieth century. b) in the nineteenth century. c) in the eighteenth century. 7) Johnny Depp____________(be) born a) in the 1950s. b) in the 1960s. c) in the 1970s. 8) This person____________(live) in the Middle Ages. a) Napoleon b) Julius Caesar c) Robin Hood 9) This famous event___________(happen) in the seventeenth century. a) The first Thanksgiving Dinner took place. b) Leonardo da Vinci painted "The Mona Lisa". c) Shakespeare wrote "Romeo and Juliet". 10) The Eiffel Tower__________(open) a) in the 1870s. b) in the 1880s. c) in the 1900s. 11) In the twenty-first century a) Barack Obama_____(become) President of the USA. b) Margaret Thatcher______(become) Prime Minister of the UK. c) Kofi Annan________(become) Secretary General of the UN. 12) Someone________(run) 100 metres in less than ten seconds for the first time. a) in the 1950s. b) in the 1960s. c) in the 1970s.




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