1) If I had to make a speech, I --- very nervous. a) will be b) would be c) am 2) If the weather --- fine tomorrow, we will go to the beach. a) is b) was c) would be 3) If you ask the policeman, he --- you the way to the station. a) would show b) showed c) will show 4) I --- you my scooter if you promised to be careful with it.  a) lend b) will lend c) would lend 5) If her hair was black, she --- completely different. a) will look b) would look c) looked 6) If the film is more than 3 hours long, I --- able to sit through it.  a) won't be b) wouldn't be c) am not 7) If it ---, the match will be cancelled. a) rains b) rained c) would rain 8) If he didn’t waste so much time, he --- to the university. a) goes b) will go c) would go 9) You would feel better if you --- so much junk food.  a) eat b) don't eat c) didn’t eat 10) If you --- things easy, you'll get ill. a) won't take b) don’t take c) wouldn't take

New Horizons - B1 - Grammar - Lesson 18 - Practice 1




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