1) I --- a bath when you phoned. a) had been having b) was having c) had 2) The Smiths --- married for five years before they got divorced. a) had been b) were c) have been 3) I --- the film for half an hour before I realised I had seen it before. a) had watched b) had been watching c) was watching 4) After we arrived, she --- tea. a) had made b) was making c) made 5) How long --- on this project when you called her? a) was Meg working b) Meg was working c) had Meg been working 6) Mrs Clark had been working for the bank for twenty years when she --- to retire.  a) decided b) had decide c) was deciding 7) Tom had just bought a new car when I last --- him. a) saw b) had seen c) was seeing 8) As soon as I arrived at the station, I realised the train ---. a) has been leaving b) had already left c) has already left 9) This book --- in 2001. a) had been published b) has been published c) was published 10) They --- some money, so we sold their car. a) needed b) were needing c) had been needing 11) --- out last night? a) Had you gone b) Did you go c) Were you going 12) After we --- into our new house, we did not often go back. a) had move b) had moved c) were moving 13) Peter couldn’t drive to work this morning because he --- his keys. a) had lost b) was losing c) has lost 14) They --- when they saw the thunder flash. a) had been driving b) had driven c) were driving 15) Yesterday morning I --- at 6.30. a) had got up b) get up c) got up

New Horizons - B2 - Grammar - Lesson 18 - Practice 1


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