What is the most effective way to learn a foreign language in your opinion?, What would you recommend to a person who got the present he or she doesn’t like, What do you usually use your mobile phone for?, How long have you been living in your city, town or village?, Who listens to the radio in your family?, What language would you recommend your English-speaking friend to learn? Why?, Where do you prefer to get news from: newspapers, radio, TV or some other source?, How do you usually celebrate your favourite holiday?, What from your point of view is the best birthday present for a teenager?, How many English lessons a week do you have?, How old were you when you started using the computer?, What is the best season for visiting the place where you live?, In what lessons at school do you use computers?, For what reasons do people learn foreign languages nowadays?, How do you feel when you forget your mobile phone at home?, What is the place where you live famous for?, Is it better to live in the country or in the city? Why?, What do you usually use your computer for?, In what season do you have your birthday?, What would you like to improve in your home to make it a better place for living, What do the members of your family use your computer for?, What is your favourite season? Why do you like it?, When was your city, town or village founded?, In what places do computers make people’s life easier?, Do you think English will be useful in your future? In what way?, What foreign languages can you learn in your school?, Which jobs need good computer skills in your view?, What would you recommend a teenager who can’t choose a career?, What environmental problems do you have in your native city if any?, Do you think it’s right that mobile phones are not allowed in some schools?, How do you usually celebrate your birthday?, What career would you like to choose after finishing school? Why?, What is your favourite place in your city (town, village)? Why do you like it?, Why are most teachers against using mobile phones at school?, What season is the best for visiting your city? Why?, There are a lot of holidays during the year. What holidays are popular in Russia?, What place in your town would you recommend visiting?, How many Physical Education lessons a week do you have?, How can you use your mobile phone for learning foreign languages?, In what places would you recommend people to switch off or turn down their phones? Why?.


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