1) We have a lot of work tomorrow. You --- be late. a) mustn’t b) don't have to c) have to 2) The museum is free. You --- pay to get in. a) doesn't have to b) mustn't c) don’t have to 3) John's a millionaire. He --- go to work. a) don't have to b) needn't to c) needn’t 4) I --- do my washing because my mother did it for me. a) didn’t have to b) have to c) needn't to 5) She --- do this work today, because she can do it tomorrow. a) don't have to b) doesn’t have to c) mustn't 6) Does your dad --- pay to see the doctor? a) have to b) has to c) must 7) In order to log on to the Internet, Sally --- enter her user I.D. a) have to b) must c) don't have to 8) According to the law, drivers --- stop at stop signs. a) have to b) has to c) mustn't 9) My mum --- go to work because there was an emergency. a) needn't b) mustn't c) had to 10) I'm sorry, Mom. I --- call you back later. My cell phone battery is dying. a) will must b) has to c) will have to

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 19 - Practice 1


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