What do you enjoy doing in your free time?, How often do you go to the cinema or to the theatre?, Do you prefer TV or the internet? Why?, What TV programme would you recommend your friends watch?, What TV programs are popular in your family?, How much time do you usually watch TV every day?, Why, in your opinion, do a lot of people prefer learning the news from the internet?, How many TV sets are there in your house?, Who watches most TV in your family?, How much time a day do you spend watching TV?, What kinds of TV programmes do you like?, Would you like to take part in a TV show – for example, in a quiz show?, Does a career on TV attract you, or not? Why?, Where do you prefer to get news from – radio, newspapers, the Internet, or some other source?, Who listens to the radio in your family?, How often do you buy a newspaper or a magazine?, For what purposes (цели) do you use the Internet?.

Interview (TV, the Internet, Mass Media)


Cartes aléatoires est un modèle à composition non limitée. Il ne génère pas de points pour un classement.

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