Shall I book a tennis court for Saturday? - Yes, that sounds great. I have a new racket and would love to play., Can I borrow your football today? - Sorry, you can't. I have a match after school., Shall we meet before school? - Yes, that's fine. I suggest 7:15., Could you speak English when you were young? - No, I couldn't. I only started learning it when I went to school., Should we form a swimming club? - Yes, then we can go to the pool together., Can you help me with my homework? - Yes, of course. Which subject do you find difficult?, Should we take up volleyball? - Great idea. There is a court near my house., Can you explain critcket to me? - Yes, of course. I learned to play in England., Should we take up sailing? - No, we live too far away from the lake. , Could you swim in the sea last week? - No, I couldn't. It was too cold.,

Modal verbs - questions & answers


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