I live in this small flat in the city centre. - Fran said she lived in that small flat in the city centre., Dad isn’t working tonight. - Mum said dad wasn’t working that night., Last weekend I went out with my besties. - I said I had gone out with my besties the previous weekend., I haven’t been to the USA yet. - Katie told me she hadn’t been to the USA yet., At 2 o’clock yesterday I was having lunch. - Peter explained he had been having lunch at 2 o’clock., I can swim really fast. - Margaret said she could swim really fast., I must finish this by tomorrow. - I told you I had to finish that by the following day., Mary’s been working here all day. - I thought Mary had been working there all day., I’m going to try this one. - I said I was going to try that one., I will help you with the shopping. - I told mum I would help her with the shopping., This time tomorrow Frida will be lying on the beach in Italy. - I didn’t know Frida would be lying on the beach in Italy at that time the following week., The Smiths weren’t home yesterday. - I found out the Smiths hadn’t been home the previous day.,

New Horizons - B2 - Grammar - Lesson 20 - Introduction




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