1) This is my sister. Look at ... a) she b) her 2) Are they here? Can you give ... this book? a) they b) their c) them 3) Who's that girl? What's ... name? a) she b) her 4) That is Jack's guitar. It's ... guitar. a) his b) he c) him 5) Dave is my friend. ... play football on Tuesdays a) we b) us c) our 6) Mum, can I ask ... something? a) you b) your 7) Patty is pretty. ... eyes are big and blue. a) she b) her 8) John and I have got the same room. It's ... room. a) they b) their c) them 9) I am here. Look at ... . a) I b) me 10) Did you call them? I think ... car is in front of the house. a) they b) their




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