1) She --- a bath every evening. a) has b) is having 2) Luke --- the doctor now. a) sees b) is seeing 3) --- a good time at the moment? a) Do you have b) Are you having 4) What --- about the war? a) do you think b) are you thinking 5) This coffee --- right. a) doesn’t taste b) isn’t tasting 6) The waiter --- the wine now. a) tastes b) is tasting 7) I --- the flower. a) smell b) am smelling 8) --- a sandwich? a) Do you want b) Are you wanting 9) What --- about? a) does he think b) is he thinking 10) That coffee --- good. a) smells b) is smelling 11) I --- the answer. a) don't know b) isn't knowing 12) He --- very unhelpful today. a) is b) is being 13) I --- the top of the desk. a) feel b) am feeling 14) The children --- at the TV now. a) look b) are looking 15) My father --- a car. a) doesn’t own b) isn't owning

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 21 - Practice - Ex. 1


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