1) Every Monday, Peter --- his kids to football practice. a) drives b) is driving 2) Shhhhh! Be quiet! John ---. a) sleeps b) is sleeping 3) --- to the cinema tonight with some friends.  a) I go b) I’m going 4) Justin --- a book about his adventures in Tibet. a) currently writes b) is currently writing 5) What time ---? a) does the film start b) is the film starting 6) The sun --- in the east. a) rises b) is rising 7) The flight --- at 2 o’clock. a) doesn’t take off b) isn't taking off 8) Chris --- as a teacher at a secondary school. a) works b) is working 9) My sister usually --- in the kitchen. a) helps b) is helping 10) --- me! a) You always interrupt b) You’re always interrupting




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