What do you wear to keep your hands warm when it's cold?, What do you put on top of your snowman's head?, What falls from the sky when it's too cold for rain?, Who lives in Antarctica and likes to slide on the ice?, What do we wear on our feet to glide on the ice?, What is made out of snow and has a carrot nose?, What has a big red bow and is made out of pine tree branches?, Who pulls Santa's sleigh?, Who has a red nose to guide Santa's sleigh?, What makes a sound when you ring it?, If you don't like turkey, what could you eat for Christmas dinner?, What plant has red berries?, What do we give and receive on Christmas?, Who wakes up early on Christmas morning to see if Santa came?, What do we hang up by the fireplace for Santa to fill?, What kind of Christmas cookie is shaped liked a person?, Who is one of Santa's helpers?, What do we decorate with lights and ornaments?, What candy is peppermint flavored and red and white?, What do we light to decorate our dinner table?, What is a hot and delicious drink?, What bird is a popular for Christmas and Thanksgiving?, What do we use to decorate our Christmas trees?, When it's cold outside, where can we go to be cozy and warm?.


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