my - This is _____________ racket, don't touch it!, mine - Don't touch this trophy, it's __________., theirs - They have a football team . The team is _________, ours - We like our trainers. They`re ________, your - Is this __________ new house? You bought it last week., her - I have a sister, ______ name is Ania., hers - I have a sister. This jacket is ______________, its - My parents have a dog. _________ name is Spiderman., his - This is Jack's book. The book is __________, their - I like ___________ show. They did a good job!, me - I can't get this book. Give it to___, please!, them - These dogs are really sweet! Look at __!, him - Your brother can't do maths homework. Help __, please!, us - We haven't got a camera. Can you take a picture of ___?,




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