People from all over the world like the ____ of chocolate. It’s the most ____ dessert and snack. You may like dark or light chocolate, you may prefer it plain or with nuts, but whatever your tastes are, you will certainly ____ the chocolate produced by the Hershey Company. Hershey chocolate became ____ all over the world thanks to a quiet but very hard-working and ____ person – Milton Hershey, the founder of the company. Milton Hershey grew up in Pennsylvania, USA. His mother wanted him to learn practical skills. She believed practice is more ____ than college education. So when Milton finished the fourth grade, she arranged for him to become a printer’s assistant. But Milton didn’t like the job and left it soon after. In a while he became an assistant in a candy ____. He helped to make candy and became very ____ at it. After a few years of ____, Milton understood that he wanted to start his own ____. He bought the ____ and started the Lancaster Caramel Company. ____ soon followed. Within a few years, Milton Hershey had a growing business and was selling his caramels all over the country. At that time he became focused on milk ____, which in those days was an ____ dessert imported from Switzerland. Milton Hershey was determined to find a new formula for the product that could allow him to manufacture milk chocolate in large amounts and sell it countrywide. He succeeded in making a new ____. So, in 1900 Milton Hershey sold his caramel company and started up a chocolate factory. In fact it was more than a ____. Milton Hershey built a whole town around the factory – with houses, schools, ____, and stores. He wanted the people who worked in his factory to live nearby and feel comfortable. The factory was focused on producing the Nickel Bar, a relatively ____ chocolate bar that everyone could afford. Later, Hershey Kisses were added. These ____, bite-sized pieces of chocolate were named after Milton Hershey himself. As ____ and profits rose, Milton Hershey invested more ____ in the infrastructure of his town and added a sports arena, a stadium, and a school for orphaned ____.Milton Hershey died in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in 1945, one year after his retirement as chairman of the board. He was 88 years old. By the end of his life Hershey had ____ most of his money to his town and the school for orphans. His chocolate factory remains the largest in the world. The town of Hershey is still home to about 12,000 people and draws more than 30 million visitors each year. They come to see the ____ Hershey Park, which boasts a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and other rides. The factory tours draw more ____ annually than the White House. Guests can take a tour through a mock chocolate factory that includes a ride through a simulated roasting oven, and eating ____ of Hershey chocolate.




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