What musical instrument would you like to learn to play?, What clubs or societies can you attend in your school?, How often do you have school concerts and performances?, What would you prefer going to a theatre or watching a film at home? Why?, What would you recommend to your friends who want to make their free time more interesting?, What clothes do you usually wear?, How often do you go shopping for clothes?, Who do you usually go shopping with?, Do you have to wear a school uniform? If so, what is it like?, Does a career as a fashion designer attract you or not? Why?, What do you like to read about?, Who is your favourite writer?, What do you usually do in Literature lessons?, What do you like to do in your free time apart from reading?, What books do you prefer printed books or e-books? Why?, Who listens to the radio in your family?, What kind of TV programmes do you like to watch?, How often do you buy a newspaper or a magazine?, For what purposes do you use the Internet?, Why in your opinion do a lot of people prefer to read the news on the Internet?, What are the advantages of living in the country?, What is the main ecological problem in the place where you live?, Do you and your friends care about ecological problems? Why?, Have you ever taken part in any ecological projects at school?, What would you recommend to a person who wants to improve the ecological situation in his or her town?.


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