Hello Sandra,How are you? I'm ____. It's great here in ____. I'm here with my family. We spent the first week in Rome. There we saw a lot of famous buildings and ____. It was really ____, but I was tired at the end. Now we are on a beach near Rome. I go ____ and we play a lot of ____ every day. I love my ____. See you, Yours Katharina Hi Paul, We're having a ____ time here in Croatia. I really like staying at a campsite. Alex is the boss of my group. He's nineteen. In my group, there are 15 girls and boys. They are all very nice. Two boys ____ from France, three kids are ____ Germany, four children come from Italy, and six are from ____. We have to talk ____ all the time. That's ____ See you ____ Yours, Florian Hi, Stevie,It's ____ here. We went by ____ to Greece. I ____ swimming every day. Yesterday, Dad and I went ____ with two fishermen from the island. They were speaking Greek, of course, so I couldn't ____ what they were talking about. But when I caught a very big fish, they said, ____ in English. I like Greek ____ - it's ____. ____, Bella

Postcards - SM3- Unit 9


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