1) There is a bridge _________ the river. a) through b) across c) under 2) There is a small garden _________ the house. a) under b) behind c) on 3) Is there _______ pasta in the cupboard? a) any b) a c) some 4) There ______ a great view from my balcony. a) are b) has c) is 5) The Empire State Building is _________ with tourists. a) popular b) friendly 6) There are lots of soft _______ on the sofa. a) pillows b) cushions 7) John has got a skating ________ near his house. a) rink b) floor c) estate 8) Mom is boiling some water on the _______. a) toaster b) cooker 9) Is it a one-bedroom flat? a) - Yes, it is. b) - Yes, that's perfect. 10) How much is the rent? a) - It's 700 pounds per month. b) - It's 715 Fraser Street 11) I wake up at 7 o'clock ____ weekdays. a) in b) on c) at 12) ______ you want to go to the cinema this weekend? a) Do b) Does c) Don't 13) Ann is a good student. She _______ does her homework. a) never b) sometimes c) always 14) Mike ______ swimming every Sunday. a) go b) goes c) don't go 15) ______ that boy with Sue? a) Who b) Who's c) Whose 16) I can't meet at five. I have tennis lesson. a) - That's not a problem. b) - That's a great idea 17) Do you want to play basketball later? a) - That sounds good. b) - Don't be late! 18) Anton's birthday is _____ September. a) on b) at c) in 19) _______ off your MP3 player in class. a) Switch b) Put 20) Tina does all her ________ on Saturday morning. a) staff b) chores 21) Is ______ a bookcase? a) that b) these 22) Walk ______ the street. a) out of b) along 23) He takes a _______ lunch with him to school. a) packed b) treat 24) Do you have to wear a _______ at school? a) uniform b) course 25) My birthday is ______ 5th of May. a) in b) on c) at




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