Who is your favourite writer?, How often do you borrow books from the library?, Why do you think teenagers are reading less and less now?, How can reading books improve your English?, What book would you recommend to your friend who wants to read something for pleasure and why?, Where did you and your friend meet for the first time?, How often do you see your friend?, What do you like to do together with your friend?, What career is your best friend going to follow?, What would you recommend to a teenager who wants to be a good friend?, What pets are the most popular in Russia in your view?, Is it right for people to keep exotic animals as pets? Why?, What can people do to help homeless animals?, Why do you think most children like visiting zoos?, Does a career as a vet attract you or not? Why?, What sports facilities do you have in your school?, What sport do you do regularly?, What winter sports are popular with you and your friends?, Would you like to do any extreme sports? Why/why not?, How much time do you spend on the Internet every day?, What do you use the Internet for?, What do you do in Information Technology or Computer Study lessons?, Why are computer skills useful for everyone?, What would you recommend to a person who spends too much time on the Internet?, What do you usually have for breakfast?, Where do you usually have lunch on weekdays?, Is there any food you do not like?, What dishes can you cook?, What food would you recommend to a teenager who wants to be healthy?, What do you prefer to eat for breakfast in the morning?, How long does it take you to get to school?, What is your favourite part of the day morning, afternoon or evening? Why do you like it? , What do you do to help your parents around the house?, What would you recommend to teenagers who are often late for school?, Who watches most TV in your family?, How much time a day do you spend watching TV?, What kind of TV programmes do you like?, Would you like to take part in a TV show? For example, a quiz show. Why?, Does a career on TV attract you or not? Why?, In what lessons at school do you use computers?, What do you use your computer for?, What do the members of your family use computers for?, Which jobs need good computer skills in your view?, In what ways have computers made people's lives easier?.


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