1) "Where's Ann?" "I ________ know". a) do b) don't c) does d) doesn't 2) What's funny? Why ______you laughing? a) are b) do c) is d) don't 3) "What ______ your sister do?" "She's a dentist". a) is b) do c) does d) am 4) It_____raining. a) is b) does c) don't d) am 5) I______want to go outside. a) am not b) doesn't c) do d) don't 6) "Where ____ you come from?" "Canada" a) do b) does c) are d) don't 7) How much _____ it cost to phone Canada? a) do b) is c) does d) isn't 8) George is a good tennis player but he _______play very often. a) isn't b) don't c) doesn't d) aren't




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