1) Let's involve Tom a) in the project b) to the project c) in project d) on the project 2) I have to answer a) on the client b) in the client c) to the client d) client 3) This decision will influence a) the project b) project c) on the project d) to the project 4) I would like to ____________ that he is a unique resource a) involve b) engage c) emphasize   d) pay attention to 5) He has a unique knowledge a) of the sphere b) from the sphere c) to the sphere d) on the sphere 6) I _____________ our new regulations a) familiar with b) am familiar about c) am familiar with d) familiar about 7) this is our unique window of a) luck b) possibility c) opportunity d) work 8) 'beneficial' means a) bad, dangerous b) unstable c) questionable d) good, profitable 9) Naturally, it will lead ____ scope creep a) to b) - c) on d) at 10) I suggest ________ the database a) update b) to update c) having updated d) updating




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