1) What animals pull Santa's sleigh? a) Guinea Pigs b) Deer c) Reindeer d) Swans 2) What is the name of the reindeer with the famous red nose? a) Blizten b) Dancer c) Rudolph d) Donna 3) Christmas celebrates the birthday of ...? a) Santa b) My Mum c) Jesus d) Rudolph 4) What is the traditional dish on Christmas day? a) Lamb b) Turkey c) Chicken d) Beef 5) What do people usually put at the top of their tree? a) parrot b) elf c) star d) witch 6) What are Santa's helpers called? a) Oompa Loompas b) Elves c) Cats d) Children 7) Where does Santa live? a) South Pole b) Neverland c) North Pole d) My House 8) What are the round balls which we hang on Christmas trees called? a) bubbles b) balloons c) burps d) baubles 9) How does Santa get into the house? a) through a door b) through a chimney c) through a window d) through a floor 10) What word from the song "Jingle bells" is missing here? '... on bobtails ring, making spirits bright'. a) Bells b) Lights c) Smells d) Hells




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