DOs: Give personal examples, Think of a catchy title, Use quotes or proverbs, Use tag questions, e.g. ...don't you?, Give the reader something to think about, Try to be funny, Use one-word sentences, e.g. Awful!, Use a question, a summary or even one dramatic word as your title, Use opinion and descriptive adjectives, DONTs: Use formal language, Use linkers like First and foremost, Nevertheless, All things considered, The more questions you ask the reader, the better, Restate the question and explain how you will answer it, Use full verb forms, e.g. I am sure that..., Phrases you can use: Have you ever wondered...?, Are you one of those people who think that...?, So, next time you..., why don't you...?, What would life be like if...?, Chances are, you already know... But do you know that...?, What would you do if...?, Are you a..., like me?,


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