1) I --- for Madrid on Saturday morning.  a) am leaving b) will leave 2) I don't know yet. Perhaps I --- at home.  a) am staying b) will stay 3) Mary hopes her son --- a dentist. a) is becoming b) will become 4) Sarah --- on holiday to Greece in July. a) is going b) will go 5) We --- back from New York on 12 April. a) are coming b) will come 6) How long --- it? a) are you needing b) will you need 7) We --- Mr. Clark at three o'clock. a) are meeting b) will meet 8) I hope Ben --- from his illness sooner or later. a) is recovering b) will recover 9) The weather forecast says it --- at the end of this week. a) is warming up b) will warm up 10) What --- tonight? a) are you doing b) will you do




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