1) The children ... in the park. a) play b) plays 2) My mother ... books every day. a) read b) reads 3) She ... every day. a) runs b) run 4) I ... every day. a) swim b) swims 5) We ... every day. a) jumps b) jump 6) Jim ... football every day. a) plays b) play 7) Ann ... bananas. a) like b) likes 8) He ... a bike at the weekend. a) rides b) ride 9) I ... a horse in summer. a) ride b) rides 10) She ... in the park. a) rollerskate b) rollerskates 11) We ... in summer. a) skateboard b) skateboards 12) They ... football after school. a) plays b) play 13) He ... tennis with friends. a) plays b) play 14) She ... her mum on Sundays. a) help b) helps 15) I ... my homework every day. a) do b) does 16) We ... swimming on Saturdays. a) go b) goes 17) He ... his grandma on Mondays. a) visit b) visits 18) They ... TV in the evening. a) watches b) watch 19) She ... to music in her car. a) listen b) listens 20) We ... books every day. a) reads b) read




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