1) I really love my family but I don't like / likes their bad habits! a) like b) likes 2) In the evening Dad falls / fall asleep in his chair. a) falls b) fall 3) He never go / goes to bed. a) go b) goes 4) We shouts / shout at him. a) shouts b) shout 5) But it doesn't / don't help. a) doesn't b) don't 6) My baby brother cry / cries at night. a) cry b) cries 7) Sometimes we doesn't / don't sleep at all! a) doesn't b) don't 8) Our grandparents often phone / phones us when there's something good on TV! a) phone b) phones 9) My big sister often take / takes my laptop. a) take b) takes 10) But she doesn't give / gives it back. a) give b) gives




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