1) Danny didn't use to --- olives when he was younger. a) like b) liking 2) I’m used to --- to work. a) walk b) walking 3) He wasn’t used to --- with chopsticks before he went to live in Japan. a) eat b) eating 4) I didn't use to --- home after school. a) walk b) walking 5) Little Sarah is getting used to --- her hair cut.  a) have b) having 6) As a child, I used to --- having to get up early. a) hate b) hating 7) He was very scared at first but he got used to --- his motorbike. a) drive b) driving 8) They’re used to --- by the sea.  a) live b) living 9) On Sundays, my mum would --- us up and cook pancakes. a) wake b) waking 10) My brother and I would --- all the time. a) fight b) fighting

New Horizons - B2 - Grammar - Lesson 25 - Practice - Ex. 2


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