1) What --- at 11pm last night - it was really noisy? a) did they do b) were they doing c) was they doing 2) When you --- at the party, who was there? a) arrived b) were arriving c) arrive 3) They --- in Portugal when their grandma died. a) lived b) was living c) were living 4) Last year I --- Madrid and Barcelona. a) were visiting b) was visiting c) visited 5) Thelma --- at 11pm last night. a) studyed b) was studying c) studied 6) At 11 am yesterday, I --- on a bus. a) was sitting b) was siting c) sat 7) The McCluskeys --- a lot of friends on their last holiday. a) met b) meeted c) were meeting 8) Mr Kohn --- in the garden at 9pm last night. a) didn't work b) wasn’t working c) didn't worked 9) I --- some fruit and vegetables yesterday. a) buyed b) was buying c) bought 10) I --- you four times yesterday. a) called b) was calling c) were calling


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