1) We are from Britain. _____ country is beautiful. a) We b) Ours c) Our d) My 2) Sam and Kelly are students. ______ favourite film is Sherlock Holmes. a) They b) Their c) Theirs d) Our 3) Tim is an author. ______ books are full of magic.  a) His b) He c) Her d) Hers 4) They are good writers and these books are _______. a) They b) Their c) Her d) Theirs 5) Is Kate's mobile phone red? No, it isn't. _______ is purple. a) Her b) She c) Hers 6) I know Bob. He is a friend of ________.  a) my b) mine c) I 7) I am Fred and she is Julie. We are students. The school is _______.  a) we b) my c) our d) ours 8) Is this pen _________? No, it isn't. It's Bob's. It's _______. a) yours, his b) yours, he c) you, his 9) Fine, Tom. ________ is the best homework. a) you b) yours c) my d) your 10) Is it Mary's schoolbag? No, it isn't. ______ is blue. a) She b) Her c) His d) Hers

ST5 M1b - Possessive and personal pronouns/adjectives


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