• A girl walks into class late without talking to anyone. She gives a piece of paper to the teacher. She's missing a tooth. - She must have been to the dentist., A man walks into work looking angry. He's holding a helmet. His bike is broken.  - He must have crashed his bike., A woman walks into the room looking very excited. She's holding a ticket.She says she's going to quit her job. - She must have won the lottery., A boys arrives home looking tired. He has some interesting presents for his friends. He has a lot of luggage.  - He must have been on holiday., A girl walks into the room looking happy. She's holding a letter. She's going to throw away her course book. - She must have passed her exams., A man is uncomfortable and walking slowly. He's holding his stomach. He spent a lot of money at a restaurant.  - He must have had a very big lunch., A woman arrives home and is angry. She asks to borrow her friends phone. She calls her bank and the police. - She must have been robbed., A man arrives at his house at night. He looks at his pockets and his bag. He goes back to work. - He must have left his keys at work., A boy arrives home very early from school. His teacher told him to go home. He looks pale and isn't hungry. - He must have been sick.,

Gateway B2 Unit5 Past Modals of deduction


Retournez les tuiles est un modèle à composition non limitée. Il ne génère pas de points pour un classement.

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