English - This is a subject in which you learn new words to speak with other people, Geography - You learn about cities, mountains , History - You learn about the past, Science - You learn about the natural world, Lemonade - This is a juice made from freshly squeezed lemon, Vegetables - They are healthy: carrots, potatoes, broccoli, Salad - They are healthy: lettuce, tomato, onions, Wash up - You do this after you eat. You need soap to do this, YDry the dishes - You do this after you wash up., Feed the dog - You give food to your dog, Supermarket - This is a place where you buy food in the city, Tower - This is a tall building, Library - In this place you can read books and do your homework. you can also borrow some books., Square - This is usually in the city centre. it is big, Dolphin - This is a sea animal which is a mammal. humans love swimming with it, Octopus - This animal has got eight long tentacles, Seahorse - This animal looks like a tiny horse that swims,




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