1) We usually ___ TV in the evening. a) watch b) are watching c) am watching d) watches 2) It often ___ in autumn. a) rains b) is raining c) raining d) rain 3) They ___ hard at school every day. a) work b) are working c) are work d) works 4) Look! It ___ outdoors. a) rains b) is raining c) rain d) am raining 5) Tom and Rachel ___ breakfast now. a) have b) are having c) has d) are haveing 6) Mum ___ breakfast for us in the morning a) cooks b) is cooking c) cook d) are cooking 7) Where is Dad? – He ___ a car in the yard. a) wash b) washes c) is washing d) are washing 8) Mary ___ her mother in the garden now. a) help b) helping c) helps d) is helping 9) He usually ___ to bed at 10 o’clock. a) is going b) go c) goes d) gos 10) Listen! She ___ German very well. a) is speaking b) speaks c) speaking d) speak 11) We always ____ PE lessons on Friday. a) has b) have c) are having d) is having 12) Where is Jack? – He ___ football with his friends. a) play b) plays c) is playing 13) Wait a minute! The teacher ___ on the phone. a) talk b) is talking c) talks d) are talking 14) Betty ___ letters to her grandparents every month. a) is writing b) writing c) write d) writes




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