What is your favourite animal? Why do you like it? - I love cats/dogs most of all. They are very clever and I have a cat/dog at home., What pets are the most popular in Russia in your view? - Cats are the most popular pets in Russia. Also many people have dogs, (but they must be taken for a walk, so cats are more popular than cats)., Is it right for people to keep exotic animals as pets? Why? - I think it’s a bad idea to have an exotic animal as a pet. It’s not easy to feed it and it might be dangerous (for the owner)., What can people do to help homeless animals? - We can’t do a lot for homeless animals. People can feed homeless cats and dogs. I often do it., Why do you think most children like visiting zoos? - In the zoos children can look at the wild animals which they can’t meet in real life. It’s an unusual entertainment for children., Does a career as a vet attract you or not? Why? - I’m good at looking after my cat/dog but I’m not going to become a vet. I’m planning to become an IT-specialist. This profession is much more interesting for me.,

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