Parts of the body: ankle (n) **, artery (n), bone (n) ***, chest (n) ***, chin (n) **, heel (n) **, hip (n) **, kidney (n) *, liver (n) **, lung (n) **, thigh (n) **, throat (n) ***, tongue (n) **, vein (n) **, wrist (n) **, Words connected with health: be allergic to, be in danger of, be painful, be/become obese, break (v) ***, dislocate (v), fatty food, feel dizzy, fracture (v), get over an illness, get/catch an infection, get/give a prescription, go for check-up, have a balanced diet, have a temperature, idioms: health and illness: be as right as rain, be back on your feet, be as fit as a fiddle, be on your last legs, be/feel under the weather , drop like flies, keep in shape,

Gateway B2 Unit 6 vocabulary review


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