1) You put your clothes in it. a) coach b) suitcase c) map d) ferry 2) Where you go to catch a flight. a) airport b) flight c) ferry d) coach 3) You buy this to catch a plane. a) passport b) guidebook c) ticket d) tourist 4) A bus for long trips. a) ferry b) coach c) station d) ticket 5) A book about a place. a) guidebook b) tour guide c) map d) flight 6) A boat to take you across water. a) flight b) coach c) ferry d) station 7) A trip in a plane. a) ticket b) flight c) airport d) tour guide 8) Someone who visits a place. a) tour guide b) tourist c) coach d) guidebook 9) A picture to show you where things are. a) flight b) tour guide c) guidebook d) map 10) This person tells you about a place. a) guidebook b) tour guide c) coach d) passport 11) An ID document needed to travel. a) guidebook b) tour guide c) passport d) ticket 12) Where trains and buses stop. a) station b) airport c) coach d) ferry

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