1) Lots of journalists interviewed the artist. 2) Most schoolchildren use computers nowadays. 3) My parents don't allow me to watch TV. 4) Did you cook dinner today? 5) Someone cleaned the room. 6) We don't send children to prison in this country. 7) Criminals hide viruses in software. 8) I send 20 text messages every day. 9) A film star owns this house on the corner. 10) Noone told me where to sit. 11) Picasso did this drawing. 12) Lots of tourists visit London every year. 13) She invented a dishwasher in 1856. 14) Thieves stole the bicycle. 15) Thieves steal 100 bicycles every month. 16) We downloaded a clever new app. 17) They make Ferrari cars in Italy. 18) They designed this T-shirt in China.

Passive voice - present simple, past simple


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